GlobeNet 56K Information Page

The new dial-up number for Brevard county is 638-1198.   It is local to the entire county.  The old Titusville and Cocoa numbers will go out of service on December 25.  Our local voice number has been changed to 321-638-4060.  This number is local to all of Brevard County.  Click Here for more details...

GlobeNet supports 56K connections on all our dial-up lines. In order to connect at speeds up to 56K, customers must have one of the following: 

  • US Robotics/3COM modem that has the V.90 upgrade
  • Any modem with the Lucent chipset (look at the box or modem to see if it says Lucent). 
  • Rockwell chipset modems with K56 FLEX or V.90 software 
All 56K modems are not created equal. So far we've seen the best results with 3COM / US Robotics V.90 modems.

All modems that are not 56K compatible will still be able to connect at ther normal speeds. Report any connection problems to GlobeNet.

For help troubleshooting 56K connections and to maximize your speed, check out the tips at